You must have heard at least one song from this swoon-worthy boyband that has been stealing hearts across the world. The Bangtan Sonyeondan AKA BTS consists of seven oh-so-gorgeous bandmates: RM, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope, Park Ji-Min, V and Jin.

Within eight years, the talented boyband has broken a number of records set by some iconic celebrities. While all the seven boys are extremely talented and super charming, it’s Kim Seok-Jin AKA Jin who made a home in our hearts as soon as we saw him for the first time. We have listed down some really fun facts about the singer and songwriter that we bet you definitely didn’t know!

1. He is the oldest and the second tallest member of the band.

Born in 1992, he joined the band at the tender age of 21, which makes him the oldest band member of the boyband. He’s 179 centimetres (5.8 ft) tall, which makes him the second-tallest member of the boyband after RM (181 centimetres or 5.9 ft). 

2. He wanted to become a journalist when he was younger. 

Long before becoming the heartthrob of gazillion hearts, he wanted to become a journalist during his first year of high school. That’s true. He wished to help the socially disadvantaged people be heard and hence, wanted to become a news reporter. However, he changed his mind and wanted to become an actor after watching Kim Nam-Kil in Queen Seondeok. Nonetheless, he now thinks that he would have been a farmer if he wasn’t a singer. 

3. He bagged his first offer in middle school from an entertainment company. 

No, we are not kidding. He received an offer from SM Entertainment back when he was in middle school. He even went for it and passed the first audition. He, however, thought that it might be a scam and decided not to proceed further with the offer. He was scouted once again during his college days by Big Hit Entertainment for an acting role, but the company made him BTS’ trainee instead. The rest, as they say, is history. 

4. He was ranked the best-sculpted face by a doll company. 

CzDollic, a Czech doll company, conducted a poll for ‘best-sculpted face’ in 2018. No points for guessing, the singer bagged the first position after beating 18,000 competitors from 58 countries. There were 1.5 million votes in total and the singer got about 1 million votes. The company believes that he has an oval face that looks symmetrical from every angle. He even received a special trophy, a crystal cube with a 3D engraving of his face inside. 

5. He has a special place for animals in his heart. 

He had an adorable maltese mix dog, Jjangu, who lived with him and his family for 12 long years. Unfortunately, the dog passed away in 2017. He has two sugar gliders currently, Eomuk and Odeng. 

6. There is a reason behind his unique physical features.

The singer has a congenital disorder that leads to lesser or faulty collagen in the body, which results in a defective molecule’s structure.

7. He has an interesting blinking habit.

It is said that if he looks at anyone for a long period of time, he starts winking at them. He also blinks when he’s nervous.

8. He has the golden ratio when it comes to his facial features. 

In 2018, an anonymous plastic surgeon analysed 269 male faces and concluded that the singer exemplifies the ‘golden ratio’ of 1:1.618 in terms of facial features. This particular ratio between his ears, hairline and chin is the perfect ratio. And, that’s exactly why his nickname is ‘worldwide handsome’.

We purple you, Jin!