The Malayalam movie, C U Soon starring Fahadh Faasil, Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran has given us a movie that perfectly captures how we’ve been communicating in lockdown. The film that just released on Amazon Prime Video is shot completely on an iPhone. 

It navigates you through the storyline from one screen to another – from video calls on laptops to FaceTime calls on the phone.

And when we need a broader perspective, the film moves on to security footages. But never once, do you feel the need to look beyond the screen. In this thriller, you find yourself engrossed in the virtual lives of these characters in trouble. 

The film tells the story of Jimmy, played by Roshan who asks for help from his cousin Kevin played by Faahad, when the former’s girlfriend goes missing. The movie is inspired by a true story and saying anything more than this will give away spoilers. 

C U Soon is the first completely Computer Screen film in India, a concept that was seen before in movies like Searching, Unfriended and Host. Even an episode of Modern Family adopted the genre and we’re glad that Mahesh Narayanan decided to take the leap of faith with this movie. From visiting police stations to finding footage from other countries, he executed it all perfectly.

Though Lens, a bi-lingual Indian movie adapted the concept back in 2015, it did include shots from outside the screen. 

Though this Malayalam film has been introduced as a 90-minute experiment that isn’t to be confused with the actual feature film (which will release after the lockdown). But we think the story holds well without any help from external cameras. C U Soon is a successful experiment that will hopefully pave way for safer and more creative stories being shot in the lockdown.