If you aren’t caught up on the latest episode of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier yet, this is your cue to leave. 

Episode 4 of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier brought us in the midst of some high octane action and hand-to-hand combat scenes that the franchise is known for. While the episode was pretty good in general, there were a few moments that stood out. 

1. Bucky is finally free. 

The episode begins with a flashback of Ayo saying the words that trigger the Winter Soldier. A hesitant Bucky asks her to stop but she insists that it was time. When she says the last words and Bucky doesn’t turn, she tells him that he is finally free. 

2. Zemo drops some truth bombs as always. 

Since Zemo returned to the MCU, he has become sort of a fan favourite. Part of the reason he’s become this figure is because he speaks the truth and uses logic that even the heroes can’t find fault in. Here, he talks about how people wanting to become superheroes eventually become supremacists, be it the Nazis or the Avengers. 

3. Karli Morgenthau reacts to her followers believing she should be the one to replace Steve Rogers. 

Karli and the Flag Smashers have been victims of the negligence of world governments after everyone came back. So, it is natural that she isn’t much of a fan of Captain America and believes that it should be burnt. 

4. Sam Wilson and Karli talk and it simply establishes what Steve Rogers saw in Sam Wilson to give him the shield. 

But the latter somehow made more sense. While this scene doesn’t do much in terms of plot, it does take a step ahead in showing the viewers why Steve Rogers was right to hand the shield over to Sam. 

5. John Walker, meanwhile, behaves like an idiot for the nth time. 

As every episode airs, we get more and more sure that John Walker is a certifiable idiot of the highest order. And that’s more evident here than anywhere else!

6. Zemo finds the super-soldier serum vials and destroys them all but one. 

Zemo used to be an intelligence officer before the Avengers dropped a city on his family. So he simply goes on about his business while others are fighting. He slips Karli and destroys all the superhero serum he can find. 

7. But, of course, John Walker intervenes and steals one for himself. 

What a dick! This scene simply exists to further elevate Sam Wilson’s character, who minutes later, says no to the serum when asked by Zemo if he would ever consider it. 

8. The Dora Milaje then enter and just kick everyone’s ass and removes Bucky’s vibranium arm. 

This was a badass scene and just goes on to show you how skilled the Dora Milaje actually are. 

9. Zemo Shawshanks his way out of the place they were staying in while everyone was fighting with each other. 

Zemo is a god damn legend. The man has some very impressive skills and they were on display here. 

10. Karli accidentally kills Battlestar. 

A fight breaks out when the Flag Smashers decide to assassinate John Walker. Unfortunately, in the heat of battle, Battlestar gets hit by the super soldier and dies on spot. 

11. The new Captain America takes the superhero serum he stole and beheads a Flag Smasher in public with his shield for everyone to see. 

With his friend Lemar dead, Walker rushes on to the street, finds the first Flag Smasher he can find and just beheads him in Captain America’s shield. 

This was a very intense episode. Can’t wait to find out what happens next.