This has been the golden decade for storytelling for TV and movies. Some of the greatest characters that have ever existed were written and portrayed during the last 9-10 years. 

But modern storytelling requires sacrifices. So a lot of our favourite characters have had to die. 

1. Robb Stark

Ned Stark’s death might have come as a shocker but it was the massacre of the Starks at the Red Weddig, that broke everyone’s hearts. 

Robb Stark had been projected as the hero who would get justice for his family but a refusal to marry Lord Frey’s daughter meant that prodigal son was butchered along with his mother, his pregnant wife, and his wolf, Greywind. 

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2. Tony Stark

This was not a good decade for any Stark. 2020’s biggest death came in the form of Tony Stark, the man who started the MCU, when he sacrificed his life by using the Infinity Stones to save the universe from the Mad Titan, Thanos. 


3: Wolverine

For almost two decades, Wolverine was this immortal death machine and even though he suffered a lot, no bad guy ever came close to ending his life. 


Until, 2017, when old age caught up with the mutant and took all his healing powers, leaving him vulnerable for the first time in two centuries. The movie also marked the end of Hugh Jackman as the titular character and broke all our hearts. 

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4. Katekar

Katekar was the loyal sidekick of Sartaj Singh, the lead of Sacred Games. While he was meant to be a small character playing a small role, actor Jitendra Joshi’s performance touched everyone who watched the show. 

As delightful as the role was, the death of his character was even more painful. 


5. Dobby

Dobby had come to save Harry Potter again. The house elf, who had once been set free by Potter and asked never to try and save him again, did the exact opposite. 

In an attempt to save the trio from Malfoy Manor, Dobby fought death eaters and won. But as he disapparated from the scene, Bellatrix Lestrange’s knife hit him square in the chest and took his life. 


6. Hodor

Hodor, or as the internet called him Bran’s personal Pokemon, had been the protector of the Stark kids since the very first season. The simpleton possessed by Bran tried to hold the door against a herd of the undead in order to save him but perished in the most traumatising way possible. 

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7. Oberyn Martell

Prince Oberyn was a breath of fresh air on GoT. The Red Viper was not only a master of combat but also had a sharp tongue. He was a royal pain in the Lannisters’ asses for the whole time he was around. 


Even when he fought The Mountain, it appeared like he was going to win and we were so happy about it. But then, he had to go do a monologue, allowing the former enough time to grab hold of him and crush his head like a melon. 


8. Glenn

When Negan killed Abraham in the first episode of the 6th season, it was brutal and disturbing. But we could have lived with that. Then, a pissed off Daryl took a cheap shot at Negan and the latter simply decided to take a massive swing at Glenn’s head…


…in front of his pregnant wife. The hit was so hard that his eyes popped out of his eyeball, but as he tried to speak, Negan started smashing his head until there was nothing left. The sheer brutality of the scene shook us to our very core. 


9. Carl

Carl was the kid we all saw growing up. From being a timid boy to being a badass who killed zombies at whim, Carl was the hope for a new future. He could have brought a semblance of peace between Rick and Negan. 

But while he was being compassionate and trying to save someone he didn’t know, a zombie took a nasty little bite off him, essentially sealing his fate. 

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10. Babloo

Babloo was one of the protagonists of the show. He was actually the confliction between the morality of the viewer and the characters on the show. He was the brain, his brother was the brawn. So it was natural to assume that he would make it out of the whole thing…

… and take revenge in season 2. But Munna shooting him point-blank in the head and killed all those fan theories. 


11. The Hound/ Sandor Clegane

In the course of the last few seasons of GoT, we had grown quite fond of The Hound. He might have looked like a monster, but he was a good man, who had saved both the Stark girls. 

Truth be told, we knew he was going to perish fighting his weird zombie brother. But his death still hit us hard and let this be known, some tears were shed in the process. 


12. Black Widow

While people had expected Stark or Captain America to die in Endgame, nobody was prepared for the death of Natasha Romanoff, especially with the news of a solo movie coming out. 

But she gave up her life so that Hawkeye could retrieve the Soul Stone and help bring back half the universe, thus clearing all that red in her ledger. 


13. Bob

Bob was never really a big part of the group. He didn’t belong. But there he was at the end, risking his life so that the rest of them could go out of the lab and out of the reach of those Demogorgons. 

But as he tried to make his escape he was caught by one these beasts and was slaughtered in front of his friends. 


14. Fred Weasely

Everyone loved the twins. Nobody could picture them separated. So naturally, when one of them got hit in the hear with Avada Kedavra, we did not know how to react. It was swift and happened even before we could even realise. 


15. Severus Snape

Snape was the bad guy for 7 movies. He had bullied Harry and his friends for years and he had killed Albus Dumbledore at the orders of Lord Voldemort. 

He actually dies a villain when the Dark Lord has him killed. But it is after his death, we find out that the Half-Blood Prince had always loved Harry’s mother and was working as a double agent in order to protect and guide Harry in his journey. 


16. Charles Xavier

When we saw Charles in Logan, he had lost most of his sanity. He had to be put on drugs to have his seizures suppressed. Wolverine tried protecting him, tried to help him as he had done for lost mutants for decades. 

His death was especially sad as the last face he was killed by a man who looked exactly like the only friend he had left. 


17. Han Solo

If you watch the first three Star Wars films, you thought Han Solo was never going to die. I mean, this guy was badass. He was legendary and helped bring the Empire down to its knees. BTW, he also helped Luke destroy the Death Star. 

But then, he had to die at the hands of his own son, emo Darth Vader, AKA Kylo Ren. But that made sense, because nobody else in any galaxy far far away had the guts to murder the man. 


18. Walter White

Walter White was one of the most iconic characters ever written. The mad science professor/ Meth Lord had become someone people loved and hated at the same time. So his death was a bittersweet thing. 

But of course, it was the only a befitting end to some of the best character development ever made on a TV show. 


If you have any other names you want to add, let us know and if he/she be worthy, they shall feature on the list.