Fans of Shah Rukh Khan are going gaga over the trailers of his upcoming film, Fan. No wonder, various fan-made versions of the trailer and the famous ‘Jabra’ song have been popping up on the Internet ever since. A few days ago, the story about SRK offering a job to a fan who made his own version of the movie’s trailer also went viral. And the excitement is totally understandable as expectations with the movie are only soaring with each passing day. 

And now, the guys from Pinch n Punch have made a rather unique spoof of the trailer. They have cleverly mashed up the trailer with the footage from the upcoming film, Batman v Superman, and named it, Fan of Steel. 

Shah Rukh Khan saw the trailer and this is what he said about it.

Watch the trailer here:

Source: Pinch n Punch

That actually gave me goosebumps!