Sure, you were Loki the God of Lies and Mischief. But, always under the shadow of your brother, Thor.

We’ve had a complicated relationship, haven’t we, Loki? You’ve always been cast as the ‘villain’. Sometimes unfairly.


You’ve never really belonged, have you? Not even in Asgard. Heck, you weren’t even Asgardian.

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When we first met, you were cast out of Asgard, but all you were trying to do was show Odin, that you too could rule. That you too, could defeat Asgard’s enemies.

Granted, you then tried to rule the Earth with a massive alien army, slaughtering thousands. But you also brought Earth’s greatest heroes together.

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You even risked your life and died, to save reality from the Dark Elves, and to avenge your mother.

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I mean, sure, it was a ruse and all, but hey, in your defense, Asgard did seem like a more chilled out place when you were in charge.


And who could forget, finally, when despite everyone’s misgivings, despite everyone’s doubts, you actually proved to be the saviour of Asgard.

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It was going to be great. You and Thor, brothers in arms, saving Asgard and travelling through space, looking for adventure.

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But just like that, the dream was crushed, like a neck in a Titan’s fist. 

I really want to believe that someone will snap you back into existence.

I want to believe that you’ll be back, cracking a snide joke one second, and threatening to rule the world, the next.

But I don’t think there’ll be any resurrections this time.

And that’s what makes it worse, Loki Odinson, God of Lies & Mischief.

There aren’t, and never will be, men like you.

I’m going to go cry for a bit.