Ever since it was announced that Farhan Akhtar was going to be a part of the MCU with the Disney+ miniseries Ms Marvel, fans have been dying to see what the actor had to offer. For the longest time details about his role were kept strictly under wraps. But today Disney+ finally released a teaser for Akhtar’s Waleed, a mysterious mentor-like character who knows more about Ms Marvel/Kamala Khan’s family history than she herself. 

Check out the teaser here:

The kurta-clad mystic offers Kamala some much-needed advice as she embarks on her journey to save the world: “What you seek is seeking you.” That could mean he’s here to help Kamala understand her newly discovered cosmic powers. While the exact purpose of Waleed’s presence continues to remain unclear, it looks like we’re about to find out soon.

Akhtar is one of the many South Asian actors who are set to appear on the MCU show. Ms Marvel will feature Pakistani actors Fawad Khan and Mehwish Hayat in pivotal cameos, reportedly as Ms Marvel/Kamala Khan’s great grandparents. It also stars Indian actor Mohan Kapur in a recurring role.

Additionally, the mini-series uses music by Indian and Pakistani talent as its background score, along with several references to South Asian pop culture.

This one’s a big win for South Asian representation around the globe!