Almost two decades ago a debutant director took us on a journey of friendship, love, and epic jokes. 

Today, 19 years after its release, Farhan Akhtar celebrated the film by sharing memorable moments from Dil Chahta Hai

In an Instagram post, Akhtar, who made his directorial debut with Dil Chahta Hai, shared a video of some of the most iconic scenes from the film, along with a caption that talked about Sameer, Akash, and Sid’s everlasting friendship.  

19 years later, Akash, Sid aur Sameer dost the, hai aur hamesha rahenge.. Here’s to the moments that stayed with us, just like their friendship.

Each scene shared in the video instantly brings back the emotions the film first evoked. 

People were more than eager to shower praises on the film, while also requesting Farhan to return to directing movies (we agree!): 

*Ab dil chahta hai, yeh picture phir se dekhun!*