‘ Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway..’

This statement completely justifies the way you live your life! Be it any day or any time, you look nothing less than flawless. While the rest of the world struggles to put together a look, you end up parading the winning look. Be it knowing the latest trend or having the perfect sense of style, you know your life is all about haute couture minus the faux pas.

Here, are 13 signs that say you are the most fashionable one in your group.

1.Your friends insist that you tag along every time they plan to go shopping. You are even bribed into it.

2. Even your night wear has to be perfectly teamed up. No faux pas there!

3. Even the thought of repeating clothes gives you a nightmare.

4. You are smart with both brands & money. Be it for shoes, bags, clothes or something as tiny as a hair clip.

5. You can carry contrasting hues without ever getting it wrong!

6.Even your friends rarely make fashion disasters. All thanks to you!

7.You have been stalked & stopped by curious strangers just to be asked, “Ye aapne dress kahan se li hai? Aur yeh necklace?”

And each time, you felt like a boss!

8. You actually have people trying to copy your style but then again, you are always way ahead in the fashion stakes.

9.You are the official wardrobe manager for your friends every time they need a well put out look.

10.When it comes to borrowing clothes, you are the only go-to person on your friend’s list. Because you have a collection to die for!

11.You might have all the latest trends in your wardrobe but you never go overboard!

12. Incase of any occasion/event, you have your look figured out within seconds. Head to toe that is!

13. And there is absolutely no day, no time when you don’t look ‘ smokin hawt.