The Fast & Furious ‘family’ has sped all over the globe in its 7 editions and has arguably done it all. From smashing cars in Miami, drift races in Tokyo, insane tank chases in Spain and braving sand storms in Abu Dhabi, no challenge has proved big enough for this fast family.

So do you think the furious team should also take up the Indian challenge sometime soon? Don’t think even for a second that Indian roads are not built for speeding. Move over endless jams, pot holes and unaesthetic sceneries, we bring you a bunch of Indian routes which can be mouth-watering for the Toretto family:

1. How about an intro scene at the Buddh International Circuit?

Why not start the next movie with a race? This is India’s very own F1 track and that’s Sebastian Vettel burning rubber after a splendid race. Need more reasons to come to India, F&F;?


2. From the track to drifting on the Yamuna Expressway.

This is possibly the best stretch for racers to show off their drifting skills in India. The consistent and steep bend of the road will not only test the driver’s mettle behind the wheel but also make for some breathtaking chase sequences!


3. Go dune bashing in the deserts of Rajasthan.

Move over the over-exposed visuals of Dubai and Abu Dhabi! Instead, visit Rajasthan for that perfect desert run. Also, Ali Fazal wouldn’t have to go all the way to Abu Dhabi for that 2-minute role!


4. Test the stealth mode of your mean machines at the Ranthambhore Safari.

Haven’t we had enough of good-guys-beating-bad-guys already? Try something different this time. Drive past Indian tigers on the prowl and then let’s see if you can live your life quarter mile at a time! Oh and did we mention that the tigers will not be animated?

5. Have a run at the Great Rann of Kutch, homie!

Because the race gets interesting only when there’s nowhere to hide! And that’s exactly what the nothingness of Rann of Kutch provides. Ride or die!


6. Manoeuvre your vehicles from Manali to Leh.

You can appreciate the raw beauty of the place later because taking your eyes off the road here could mean more funerals. Exactly what you vowed against in the 7th instalment, right?


7. And prepare for the big leap in the mountains of Leh.

This is the part where you’re driving so fast that you’ve shaken off your markers and are free to go into cruise mode. So with this stunning backdrop, you do your high fives and drive around in this stunning locale.


8. Sky dive your car to the Kargil-Leh Highway.

Because there is no other way you are going into this military guarded area with your kind of heat.


9. Cruise with the ‘family’ at the Mumbai-Goa highway.

Fresh air is important to formulate new plans. So why not drive down the coast as the cast heads to Goa before the final flourish. A slower part of the movie before the action-packed climax. There is where the senti dialogues are exchanged and ends with a wild night in Goa.


10. Shoot a death-defying stunt at Guwahati-Tawang road route.

Don’t ask how we go to Goa and suddenly end up in Guwahati next! Because at the end of all dangerous routes, lies a breathtaking stunt. Remember the Paul-Walker-running-on-the-hanging-bus-scene?


11. If the race gets too hot… Make a splash into the water from the Bandra-Worli Sea Link.

Ram your cars into one another because there is only one way forward here and that is, forward!


12. Snake your way through the Tehri- Garhwal route.

There is no scope for error here because if you err… you go down, quite evidently.


13. Hit the fast lane along river Teesta at the Kalimpong to Darjeeling drive.

And the aerial shot from the chopper would look simply breathtaking in this setting.


14. Blow up cars, buildings and bridges for that perfect climax on this highway in Chennai.

For that perfect all-destroying scene, get on this busy Chennai highway and blast the f*** out of the place!


15. And finally, drive off into the sunset on the Shillong-Cherrapunjee route.

Because when all the action is done and the credits are about to roll, you need the perfect road to drive away into the sunset. And the route to Cherrapunjee is where the movie has to end. Just look at the place!


So F&F;, are you coming home?