Growing up, television was the most beautiful thing on the planet, and I bet all 90s kids can second that. We had the best cartoons, the best shows, and even the best commercials with the most tempting jingles. As it turns out, desis on Twitter are reminiscing favourite ads from their childhood.

Twitter user @SwethaWriter started a thread & it’s full of nostalgia. Take a look.

Weirdly enough, my favourite one was this LIC ad with a soothing jingle. It had a bunch of kids having the most amazing time, and all I remember feeling was yearning to join them. Twenty years later, one of the children cast in the ad is one of my best friends. YES. Life’s a big circle if you ask me.

But let’s look at what Twitter users have got in store.

1. Havells Cables

2. Parle Kaccha Mango Bite

3. IPL 6

4. Center Fruit

5. Vodafone

ZooZoos were so effing awesome!

6. HappyDent White

7. Bajaj Pulsar

8. Milka Wonder Cake

9. Hutch

Don’t tell me that you ain’t singing ‘You and I, in this beautiful world…’ right now?

10. Fevicol

11. Cadbury Dairy Milk 

Absolutely loved the way Dairy Milk rebooted this ad.

In times like these, I wish time machines were real.

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