2021 was a bad year in general. And for some of these characters in the list below, the absolute worst thing that could happen to them, happened.

1. Abdul Ali – Squid Game

Abdul Ali was an undocumented immigrant from Pakistan who came to South Korea with his wife and child. He worked as a metal worker for a greedy employer who took advantage of his undocumented status and did not pay him for months, eventually forcing his hand into joining the games. He helped everyone, he saved the protagonists on numerous occasions before one of his friends betrayed him and got him killed.  


2. Claire – Lupin

Claire is Assane’s ex-wife and the mother of his child, whom she is raising alone while working at a hospital. Although she still loves Assane, she lives in constant fear that his criminal lifestyle will eventually catch up to her son and her. Even in the end, after all that, she has to say goodbye to the love of her life!


3. Guillermo De La Cruz – What We Do In The Shadows

Quite, frankly, Guillermo’s pain makes us all laugh and my god, that poor man has been through a lot. After spending more than a decade as an unpaid intern to a group of ancient and quirky vampires in the hopes that his master would turn him into one, poor Gizmo finds himself locked inside a box sailing across the sea to England.  

Oh, and this happens right after his master, Nandor The Relentless promises him to turn him into a vampire when they reach his homeland. 

Den of Geek

4. Detective Colin Zabel – Mare of Easttown

The man develops a crush on Kate Winslet and gets shot in the head and dies moments after they kiss. He seemed like the nicest man in town but dies so abruptly, it breaks your heart. Seems like a theme with characters that fall in love with Kate Winslet’s characters.


5. Mobius – Loki

Mobius is a foot soldier of the Time Variance Authority who was weirdly fascinated with jet skis. Maybe he did own one before the TVA kidnapped him and brainwashed him. He forms an unlikely friendship with Loki. But when the God of Mischief returns after helping crack open the multiverse, the Mobius he knew is just gone. I know, alternate timelines are confusing. You’ll have to watch it yourself.  


6. Vision – WandaVision

In Infinity War, the love of his life, Wanda has to kill him, so she does. Thanos then brings him back to life to snuff him out again almost immediately. Wanda then brings him back from her memory, they get married, have kids, only for him to have to die again at the hands of his own wife to save people. 

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7. Wanda Maximoff – WandaVision

In the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame, Wanda visits SWORD to recover Vision’s corpse, only to find that the government had claimed him as their property and were now dismembering him. So, she brings him back to life from whatever memory she had of him. 

They get married, have kids, only for the government to send the OG vision body into an albino sent to hunt her and her family. In the end, she has to destroy the spell she cast over that town she built a home in and in doing so, she takes Vision’s life again, along with the lives of her own kid. 


8. Senggani – Jai Bhim

The film hits you harder when you realise this is a true story and everything that happened to Sengenni and her family really did happen. Her husband was murdered by the police, her family was destroyed and sure, she got justice in the end, but that doesn’t really make up for the atrocities committed against her. 

India Today

9. Gagan – Tabbar

The show is a crime drama where the protagonist sacrifices his morals to save his sons, but Gagan, his nephew, is the only decent person on the show. He is legitimately a good guy but he loses the lady he loves, his job and later his life. 

Indian Express

10. Vidya Vincent- Sherni

Vidya is the most idealistic character you will have seen this year in a Hindi movie. But those very ideals cost her the one thing she believes in, the safety of the animals, she was there to ensure, despite doing everything in her power to stop it. 

Indian Express

11. Ruby- Sex Education

Ruby was way out of Otis’ league and she loved him. And he said thanks. That stupid f***ing idiot. Ruby was one of the coolest people on campus and she really really opened up to him and introduced him to his family only for him to dump her. 

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This was a bummer of an article.