There was a time when radio had been written off in India. Video had killed the radio star. But it bounced back from the dead. And how! Today, our morning looks incomplete without a radio playing in the background. Traffic jams seem a little more bearable, all thanks to our beloved RJs talking to us. And we feel a little less lonely with someone’s cheerful voice playing all the time.

Gone are the days when an RJ’s job was restricted to playing music and introducing songs. An RJ today dons multiple hats. He/She is our friend, agony aunt and our guide all rolled into one. But have you ever wondered what does that face behind that voice looks like? Well, here’s your chance to find out.

1. RJ Naved

Radio Station: Radio Mirchi 98.3

What does he do: Mirchi Murga

Delhi’s favourite prankster, RJ Naved has a huge fan following all across the country as evidenced by his more than a million followers on Facebook.

2. RJ Raunac

Radio Station: Superhits Red FM 93.5

What does he do: Main Baua bol raha hoon.

Thanks to his brilliant impression of an irritating kid, RJ Raunac was named the RJ of the year in 2014.

UNESCO New Delhi

3. RJ Nitin

Radio Station: Fever 104 FM

What does he do: Khurafati Nitin

Thnk Mkt

4. RJ Malishka

Radio station: Superhits Red FM 93.5

What does she do: Morning number 1

One of the biggest names in Radio today, RJ Malishka is now equally famous on the small screen as well.


5. RJ Ameen Sayani

Radio Station: All India Radio

What did he used to do: Binaca Geetmala

The grand-daddy of all RJs, Ameen Sayani had a style that’s often copied but never matched. The man remains the most famous RJ in Indian history.

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6. RJ Anuraag Pandey

Radio station: Fever 104 FM

What does he do: Picture Pandey

Providing interesting tid-bits about famous Bollywood movies and interviewing celebrities has made RJ Anuraag Pandey a radio superstar.


7. RJ Sarthak

Radio Station: 94.3 My FM

What he does: Radio dikhta hai .

Claiming to be Punjab’s number one radio station, 94.3 FM’s RJ Sarthak often gets chatty with his guests in Punjabi which strikes a chord with the locals.

94.3 My FM

8. RJ Pritam

Radio Station: Superhits Red FM 93.5

What does he do: Gyarah Se Do Bhabhi Ka Show

With an impeccable speaking style, RJ Pritam is a pretty big name in the Mumbai radio scene. So much so, that he was even selected to participate in the reality TV show, Bigg Boss.

935 Red TV

9. RJ Sayema

Radio Station: Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

What she does: Purani Jeans

Hosting one of the longest running shows on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, RJ Sayema has amassed an unprecedented fan following via her show ‘Purani Jeans’ in which she plays some of the biggest retro hits.

RJ Sayema

10. RJ Balaji

Radio station: 92.7 Big FM

What he does: Take it Easy

One of the few RJ’s to have a massive fan following, RJ Balaji is extremely popular in Chennai. What’s more, he has had three apps developed in his name so far.

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Video killed the radio star? We think not.