The chocolate boy who made his Bollywood debut with Khoobsurat opposite Sonam Kapoor, the man who made Prince Charming a reality for many ladies around the world, and the man who captured people’s attention and had them glued to their TVs. 

Yes, ladies, we are talking about the guy you secretly desire, whose looks can kill, and whose acting skills can make you hold your heart and cry along. Fawad Khan.

His role in Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzaar Hai had the ladies drooling over this actor. And looking at his growth graph, many people now believe him to be Bollywood’s rising star. 

Just look at him, who wouldn’t like to dream about this charming man? 

Fawad Khan is the actor that many of us wish to see more often. He’s got it all: good looks, great acting skills, and a suaveness that can melt hearts.

His personality is killer, and his style is perfectly on point. 

See, what I’m talking about.

His good looks, his charming attitude, and his humility is what attracts people. And will continue to.

But he’s so much more than just a pretty face.

Before he debuted as an actor, he started modelling at the age of 13. He starred in a serial called Jutt and Bond which might have bombed, but that didn’t deter his conviction to be where he is right now. 

After his small stint with acting, he joined a band called Entity Paradigm as the lead singer. The band also had the opportunity to feature on Coke Studio Pakistan, and they pretty much killed it. Their music and his dreamy voice is a combination handcrafted by God. 

In 2007, he bagged the lead role as a fundamentalist in the critically acclaimed movie Khuda Kay Liye, where his effortless acting skills were highly praised.


And right after that, he bagged lead roles in two very popular serials, Humsafar and Zindagi Gulzaar Hai. After these shows were aired in India, his fan following increased manifold and he captured many hearts across borders.  

His evolution as a TV actor to a rising star in Bollywood is the result of his continued efforts as an effortless actor who delivers perfectly. His role in Kapoor & Sons goes on to prove his maturity and versatility as an actor.

With his outstanding performance in the movie, he proved that he’s not just another handsome guy dancing and prancing to get people’s attention, but an extremely talented, and praiseworthy actor as well.


After watching him give a stellar performance, we are definitely dying to see more of this man on our silver screens. 

Stay the wonderful person that you are, Fawad. Here’s to seeing more of you in Bollywood.