Toxic masculinity is a given in any film industry. 

Down South, things are much worse as shown by Kollywood actor T Rajendra after he humiliated his Vizhithiru co-star Dhansika as ‘revenge’ because she forgot to thank him earlier while addressing the press. 

He berated her continuously, by questioning her choice of wardrobe – “You haven’t come dressed in a saree and you are saying sorry.”

He even mocked her by saying – “I am not going to earn my livelihood through the recognition you give me.”

The female actor had apparently forgotten to acknowledge Rajendra, who was in no mood to forgive and decided to publicly humiliate his colleague and went on to do so for the rest of the press conference. 

The actress seemed profusely apologetic about the oversight, while her other colleagues were seen enjoying the director’s tirade. 

You can watch the whole video here:

Just another day in the life of a female actor in a male-dominated industry?

After the incident went viral, some took to Twitter to express their support to the actor. 

The colleague continued to teach ‘manners’ to Dhansika and has not issued any apology yet.