Let’s admit it, the year 2020 was all about siting home and watching a whole lot of movies and series. While, we loved many of the fictional characters in all these, we somehow despised a lot of characters for well.. our own personal reasons. 

So, here are some fictional characters that we couldn’t help but totally despise because they annoyed the hell out of us. 

1. Elle Evans – The Kissing Booth 

She might be the center of attention of two of the hottest boys we’ve ever seen. But at some point of time, she broke both Noah and Marco’s heart. If that wasn’t enough, she literally left Marco for Noah after kissing him. 

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2. Arturo – Money Heist 

For starters, this man cheated on his wife with Monica. Then didn’t even stand by her when she told him that she is pregnant. Moreover, he continuously put the life of the other hostages in danger by forcing them to act like heroes.   


3. Golu – Mirzapur 2

Despite being a ‘good’ character, Golu’s entire persona didn’t quite sit well with the audience.         


4. Stormfront – The Boys

This new member of The Seven was a closet Nazi who used her position to promote her white-supremacist agenda. Need we say more? 

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5. Aarushi Mathur – Ludo 

Okay, even though she came back to her senses by the end of the movie, one can’t deny how she took advantage of Kabir (Rajkummar Rao) and his feelings throughout the film.      


6. Anshuman Saxena – Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl 

The biggest problem with this character was his hypocrisy. While he did join the armed forces as an officer, instead of helping out his sister to achieve the same dream he kept on demoralizing her. 


7. Bauji – Mirzapur 2

Even though he was not really the violent type, his pure evilness automatically made us not like him. 

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8. Fiona – The Princess Switch: Switched Again 

This third look-alike cousin in the movie was really not our favourite. Not only did she deceive her own siblings, but also played that emotional blackmailing card in the end. 


9. Anmol Malhotra – Mismatched 

Granted this guy had his own demons to fight but degrading people around him and simply being rude was just not done. 


10. Ajay Kedia – Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story 

He led the bear cartel that was against Harshad Mehta and exposed him by joining hands with Citibank. 


11. Lara Jean Covey – To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You 

She literally wrote a love letter to John Ambrose, made him develop feelings for her, kissed him and well then left him for a guy who treated her like shit. 


12. Sanjeev Mehra – Paatal Lok 

He was not only a corrupt journalist but also cheated on his anxiety-ridden wife.   

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13. Laura Biel – 365 Days 

Both the main leads were super problematic. But Lara got kidnapped yet kept irritating/luring the kidnapper with thirst traps.


14. Sangram – Aarya 

He basically was the one who wanted to expand the drugs business which got Aarya’s husband killed. But after the husband’s death, he blamed it all on his late brother-in-law.        

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15. Eric Effiong – Sex Education 

Well, another love triangle where Eric chose Adam, who literally was embarresed of him over Rahim, who cared for with all his heart. 

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16. Pushpavalli – Pushpavalli 

Apart from her being super irritating, her very average version of Joe Goldberg’s stalking skills and over-the-top obsession was not cool. 

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17. Emily Cooper – Emily In Paris

She was not only nosy but tried to disrupt the entire functioning of an office in a foreign country. That’s too much for a social media manager.      

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Do you agree with us?