Over time, movies, books, comics and cartoons have given us various amazing characters. However, I’ve always wondered as to what could’ve been the inspiration behind them.

That is until I looked around my own office space and found some of those characters sitting right next to me, proving that fiction is just reality given a push! 

So here are some of the most famous fictional characters that can be found in every office space. Look around and you’ll certainly find one, lurking behind your desk!

1. Miranda Priestley from The Devil Wears Prada

Let’s start at the top. The boss from hell, rightly labelled the ‘Devil’, will test your limits, question your intelligence and make you compromise on every social relation you might have. 

However, though their personality skills need development, their knowledge of the craft is always on point!

2. Grinch from How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The perpetually frustrated co-worker that only focuses on what is wrong in an organisation, it is impossible to make The Grinch happy. 

Just like Grinch sucks the happiness out of Christmas, this co-worker can suck the happiness out of every reward, bonus, or brilliant project that you may get aligned to, convincing you that office life truly sucks. 

3. The Minions from Despicable Me

Usually found in groups, they are the people that never left their naughty childhood in the past! They’ll be the ones sending mails from your laptop when you’re not looking, and stealing your charging cords right before a presentation. 

It is all too easy to get irritated, but they have the secret weapon of immense cuteness and ‘novice’ labels that helps them escape unscathed.  

4. Shaggy from Scooby Doo

Is there a co-worker whose creativity does not kick in till he’s had a few smoke breaks? Well he probably needs to reach a ‘high’er altitude to activate his brain cells, or at least that’s the way he looks! All the time! 

Make sure that when you ask Shaggy to do some work, you offer food and make him write down the details. Else, there is high possibility that expected results may end up in smoke.  

5. Miss Honey from Matilda

The mild and quiet person that is surprisingly good at what they do, these are the silent workers. They don’t get affected by work tyrants, forever have a smile on their face, are always ready to help and manage to be the person everyone looks to for advice. 

You don’t know if meditation is the secret to their calm self, but you always walk away from them feeling inspired!

6. Mr. Bean

That one co-worker that we all, knowingly or unknowingly pick on, Mr. Bean is known for his antics rather than his work. He never shies from attention, because it’s often his own activities that draw everyone’s attention. 

However, the best part about Mr. Bean is that he is a good sport, who always takes every joke in his stride.

7. Rachel Green from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

The pampered princess that dresses to kill and is actually good at her job, this is the co-worker that defines office style. She also ensures that when she wants a project, she gets it, even if it means fake smoking with seniors!

She may stray when a cute assistant or a handsome colleague joins in, but she’ll never let her work suffer!


8. Kung Fu Panda

This is the co-worker who joined his ‘dream job’. His passion for the job definitely surpasses his minimal knowledge; but his enthusiasm is addictive. 

If only his seniors find the right incentive and provide the dedicated training he needs, he has complete potential to achieve great heights.

9. Gossip Girl

The one person who knows about the office affairs even before they begin, Gossip Girl is forever on the lookout for ‘masala’. They always know the latest on-goings of office life, professional or personal, and they make sure that no one is left clueless.

The person who told you about a break-up even before it happened; or left you a link to a recruitment site even before you’d decided to have the talk, is your Gossip Girl.

10. Calvin and Hobbes

The co-worker duo whose friendship is more famous than their work, you will always find them together. Whether it’s coffee breaks or party shots, they never leave each others’ side. 

From giving advice to one another, to figuring out the new coffee machine together. theirs is the office friendship that everyone talks about. 

Any other classic character you know? Let us know in the comments section below! 

All GIFs sourced from giphy.com.