Since Qatar has been banning everything left and right, from alcohol to women having rights, here are a few other things it could ban to ensure nobody enjoys the FIFA World Cup 2022. 

1. Footballers wearing shorts above their knees

Qatar has banned ‘revealing’ clothes which means you have to keep your shoulder and knees covered. Shorts above the knees is just showing too much leg, innit?

Things Qatar Should Ban
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2. Waxing of legs

Yeah, a lot of men watch football who will be tempted if they see waxed legs on footballers.

Things Qatar Should Ban
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3. Hugs after goals that last more than 4 seconds

A straight hug should only last for 4 seconds at the most. Anything more than that should be considered unnatural.

Things Qatar Should Ban
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4. Pet tigers if your car doesn’t have a sunroof

After all, a cat’s gotta meow!

Things Qatar Should Ban
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5. Watching House of The Dragon while their stay in Qatar

Remember the whole ‘feet fantasy’ scene between Queen Alicent and Larys Strong? How can such indecency be allowed to be watched in Qatar?

Things Qatar Should Ban

6. Using the words human and rights in the same sentence

These words don’t belong together and they shouldn’t be used in a single sentence.

Things Qatar Should Ban FIFA World Cup
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7. Sniffing petrol outside petrol pumps no matter how nice it all smells

No alcohol, no weed, no petrol. Anything that brings you joy is against the law.

Things Qatar Should Ban FIFA World Cup
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8. Complaining about the heat

Oh, you have a problem with the heat, do you? Well, keep it to yourself.

Things Qatar Should Ban FIFA World Cup
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9. Spotting rainbows after the rain

People shouldn’t be allowed to spot rainbows after rain and show it to a friend or anyone for that matter cos that can turn you gay, and they don’t do that in Qatar.

Things Qatar Should Ban FIFA World Cup
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10. Using the word feminism cos women having rights is a bad idea in general

What do you mean women are human beings and they should have rights too? The usage of words like feminism should be banned in Qatar because it’s just western propaganda.

Things Qatar Should Ban FIFA World Cup