There are tons of accounts on Instagram that serve the cinema-loving audience in their own unique ways. Here we list 8 of our favourites.

1. Humans of Cinema

One of the most popular cinema accounts with the main focus on Indian cinema and shows, Humans of Cinema analysis almost every part of filmmaking with beautiful detail. They also give regular recommendations, so you can follow them to never have to struggle with what to watch next.

2. Cinema Mon Amour

This account mostly features popular/impactful dialogues from the movies, in the form of carousels. They do it so tastefully, though, that more often than not you will develop a curiosity for the movie and even end up watching it.

3. Color Palette Cinema

Their bio is also their theme: Color can affect us psychologically, often without us being aware, and can be used as a strong device in a story. Basically, they analyse scenes based on their colour palette, which is fascinating, to say the least.

4. Screenplayed

Are you also fascinated with the way the scenes written on paper are translated on screen? This is the right place to understand that. They have a video compilation of some of the most brilliant scenes in world cinema and how they were written by the screenwriters.

5. thatindiancinephile

As the name suggests, this account is a celebration of Indian cinema, carrying posts that feature noteworthy dialogues from the films, along with the pictures of the scene. Truly heartwarming.

6. filmtourismus

So, this account does something really interesting. The admin takes a photo of a particular scene, holds it against the location where it was shot, and then takes a photo of that. It’s always fascinating to note how much the location contributes to filmmaking.

7. Murtaza Ametwala

All posts on this account are not dedicated to the cinema but some of the recent ones are similar to those on filmtourismus. Except, here we look at the scenes from Indian flims.


I think the name of this page is self-explanatory. It features dialogues + scenes from popular or even not-so-popular but brilliant shows and movies. Must follow this one.

For those who can never get enough of cinema.