Jayanth Seege, a Bengaluru-based freelance filmmaker made a unique New Year resolution like no other that he is hell bent on fulfilling.

He wants to meet Shah Rukh Khan and have him sign his film. And, if this means camping outside Mannat (SRK’s house) for days at a stretch, so be it. 

His obsession with SRK started when he saw an interview where the superstar stated that he hadn’t signed any film after Zero. In an interview with Humans Of Bombay, Jayanth said: 

In August, when I came across Shah Rukh Khan’s interview where he said that he hadn’t signed any new movies since Zero, I literally went bonkers. I was like, ‘What if I get SRK to act in my movie?’

Jayanth made his first move by creating a movie poster and tweeting about. He even tagged SRK in the tweet, hoping to grab his attention but, nothing happened so he decided to change his strategy. 

In December 2020, he flew from Bengaluru to Mumbai in the hopes that he would narrate the script to the superstar face to face. 

And ever since then, he has been waiting outside King Khan’s house every day from sunrise to midnight to make his dream a reality. 

With no progress in sight, Jayanth realized that he had to do something out-of-the-box and atrociously magnanimous just like SRK does in his movies. 

So now he has decided to hang around Mannat and stay put until SRK signs his film. Jayanth said:

Here I am. And I’m going to stay put until he signs my movie.

He has named his mission to meet SRK ‘Project X’ and ever since he landed in Mumbai he has been sharing updates on Twitter in the hopes that he will get a chance to pitch his script to the actor. 

People on social media have been quite supportive of him. They have been lauding his determination and grand gesture. 

We hope he gets a chance to meet the superstar. We wish him all the best.