Salman Khan’s recent anti-war remarks created an uproar but filmmaker Kabir Khan says he does not find any fault in the actor’s views.

“I see no problem with the statement (of Salman). He just said war is a waste of resources, human life and time for any country. Nobody wants to go to war. What is wrong with that statement? Anybody who says going to war is great, I think, is acting stupid,” Kabir told PTI.

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During a media interaction for their upcoming film Tubelight, directed by Kabir, Salman, 51, had said, “Let all those who call for war be made to pick up guns and move to the front. Their legs will start trembling, their hands will start shaking and they will be back to the discussion table.”

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Kabir says he understands there will be people who may not agree to a point of view, but finds abusive trolls ‘ridiculous’.

“I think getting trolled for anything you say is becoming a bit too much. You don’t need to agree with everything that everybody says but screaming, shouting and getting abusive is ridiculous. Try and understand the point that is being made and in its context,” he adds.

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Tubelight, which hits the theatres on June 23, has the 1962 India-China war as the backdrop. While Sohail Khan plays a soldier in the movie, Salman plays his fanciful brother.

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The movie is an official adaptation of 2015 war drama Little Boy.

(Feature Image Source:  Instagram/Kabir Khan)