Counting down to 12 ‘o clock. Fireworks. Hugs all around. None of that is probably happening for you this new year’s eve, considering the pandemic has destroyed any party plans we had. Fret not however, as you can watch these movies and have a night in instead.

1. Forrest Gump

That scene where Forrest is celebrating the dawn of a new year in a bar that’s overflowing with mirth, while Lieutenant Dan wallows in his wheelchair is legendary. It’s one of the standout moments of a movie that’s also otherwise a classic, and is highly watchable this new year especially, considering we’re all doing a bit of wallowing ourselves.

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2. About Time

Tim Lake, played by Domhnall Gleeson, learns that all the men in his family have the ability to time travel. He uses this power to woo the woman he loves, by going back to a new year’s eve party where he messed up a kiss. Unfortunately, love is apparently a little more complicated than time travel.


3. A Lot Like Love

This popular film stars Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet at their rom-com best. They play two characters whose lives constantly intertwine, from sex to friendship to love over several years, but the timing is never right. But there’s a new year coming up, and this time they may just hit it off one last time.

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4. Trading Places

This 80s comedy starring Dan Ackroyd and Eddie Murphy has been considered one of the best New Year’s films of all time. The story is about two bored millionaires who switch the lives of a snobbish investor and a street con artist as a social experiment.


5. Sleepless In Seattle

This hugely popular movie stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, and captures the true meaning of what love and companionship can mean. From an especially heartbreaking scene of Hanks’ character talking about his deceased wife on New Year’s Eve, to finding hope again – this one is a classic.

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6. When Harry Met Sally

Yet another film starring Meg Ryan, this one is a feel-good romantic comedy through and through. The story is about a chance encounter between two friends who try everything not to have sex with each other. But new year’s eve has other plans. 


7. New Year’s Eve

This 2011 romantic comedy is immensely famous – for just how bad it was. In fact, it was so bad, it’s actually good. The ensemble cast makes all the cringes ever more delightful, and watching it after so long adds a strange twist of charm.


8. Bridget Jones’ Diary

This classic starring Renee Zellwegger starts and ends on New Year’s – in fact, even the poster of the movie is a list of her under a bunch of resolutions. It’s one of the most famous comedies of all time, and for good reason.


9. New Year’s Evil

In case you’re not in the mood for romance and sentimentality this new year’s eve, you could go down the horror route instead – albeit with a whole lot of cheese. This slasher film is about a murderous psychopath whose new year’s resolution is to kill a woman at every stroke of midnight.

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10. Four Rooms

This anthology dark comedy was co-directed by Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino, and was loosely based on the adult short fiction writings of Roald Dahl. The story follows Tim the Bellhop’s first night on the job, which is – unfortunately for him – New Year’s Eve.

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Happy new year, folks!