If you hummed the rest of the song in your head, your childhood was awesome. Congratulations! You are a true blue ’90s filmy kid and you are eligible to read on. 

‘Tan Tana Tan, Tan Tan Tara…’

This one is for all the kids from the ’90s. The ones who grew up on a staple diet of Bournvita, Phantom cigarettes and Bollywood. The ones who knew the potential of every Raj they met, and those who wouldn’t mind pairing purple with green. Because if Govinda could, why couldn’t they? For those who’d struggle with an audio tape and a pen to rewind a song. For those who played antakshari as if it were a national championship. 

For every kid from the ’90s who fell in love with Bollywood and is every bit proud of it!

If you were that kid, here’s what your childhood must’ve looked like:

May cable TV, VHS tapes, audio cassettes and everything else that made the childhood of every ’90s kid, rest in peace.

We miss you!

Filmy designs by Puneet Gaur