After watching so many Bollywood movies & learning their dialogues by heart, I knew this day would come. The day when I would relate every situation in my life with films. A lot of people will agree when I say that Bollywood can actually become someone’s inner voice.

1. You believe in falling in love before marriage. Because for us, “Pyaar…dosti hai.”

2. And if someone asks you out (and you aren’t interested) you tell them, “Kahin na kahin, koi na koi hum sabke liye bana hai…”

3. From Bollywood, we learnt that that there are two types of girls. Ones you flirt with and the others whom you marry.

4. We hate Monish Bhel for saying, “Ladka ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte.” Now that is my life mantra.

5. Mummy-Papa are the most important people in our lives. Period.

6. Fighting for your love is always a very exciting thing for you, especially when there are people around!

“Tum sirf meri, sirf meri ho Shalini.” ( still waiting for someone who’ll say this to me! )

7. You simply love weddings. They’re grand affairs where you get to flaunt your awesome clothes, dance to great Bollywood numbers & enjoy  “N.S.P” (Nain Sukh Panti).

8. Whenever you plan a trip with your friends, in your head, it’s always as epic as Dil Chahta Hai or ZNMD level.

9. For you, it’s absolutely normal to feel that you are in a movie while you look out of your car’s window.

10. You truly believe in the “Prince Charming” concept.

Specially when you’re travelling…

11. You also believe in miraculous transformations.

And hope that one might happen to you too.

12. Bollywood taught us that a true Bhartiya naari, no matter where she goes, never gets an accent.

13. Watching too many movies has turned you into a watering-pot. If you’re a guy, you get senti over little things. If you’re a girl, you start crying over little things.

14. Rain gives us goosebumps! Because  Baarish + Thunder + Couple = Something is going to happen .

15. Speaking of rain, your idea of romance is inextricably linked with the monsoons. Monsoons are romance. Case closed.

16. You were probably such a huge Bollywood fan that you never even noticed Salman Khan friend-zone Bhagyashree in Maine Pyar Kiya.

Because, you know, “Pyaar…dosti hai.”

17. And of course, you thank Bollywood everyday for teaching us the most valuable life lesson of all, “Jiska koi nahi hota, uska bhagwan hota hai!”