Foreigners have loved our desi culture, songs and even our language for decades now. But since technology took over the world like a storm this obsession has only increased. So, here are some people who’re letting the world know about their desi passion on social media :

1. Ricky Pond 

This dancing dad from the USA shakes a leg rather enthusiastically on several popular Bollywood and Punjabi numbers. Sometimes, he gets his kids to dance with him too. 

2. Jenni Ji Germany 

Hailing from Germany, Jennifer lived in India for 1 year and she couldn’t get over anything that the country had to offer. She loves celebrating desi festivals, eating desi food and even creates videos in Kannada and Hindi. 

3. 2 Foreigners In Bollywood 

From satirical comedy to dramatic Bollywood skits, these ‘foreigners’ speak and make hindi look like a piece of cake with their acting skills. 

4. Invisible India 

Even though this is the account of a mixed-race couple, it is handled by Jessica Kumar who talks about Indian culture and living with her husband in Bihar. Her fluent Hindi speaking and writing skills can put any Indian at a tough spot.  

5. Latoya Loves To Dance

Latoya is from Berlin, but she absolutely lives on Bollywood and Indian folk music. She even dresses up in different desi attire to show her love for the country. 

6. Keemo Sobie

Keemo along with her friends including popular influencer Ruhee Dosani dances on various energetic Bollywood songs and totally nails it. 

7. Vina Fan 

Hailing from Indonesia, Vina loves to recreate the choreography of classic Bollywood songs with her own slight twists. 

Special Mention – David Warner 

Australia opener David Warner created quite a stir after he danced with his adorable daughter on Katrina Kaif’s popular hit number Sheila Ki Jawani.  

After this, he posted several videos of him and his doing Bollywood numbers.  

Love how our culture is creating mark across the world.