You know what they say fellas, “The first impression is the last impression.” And nowhere does this saying hold truer than on your first date, when you’re trying to impress your lady love.  Here are 10 things guys should never do on a first date;

1. Don’t take her to a loud place where you can barely hear each other talk. You’ll end up spending the whole evening playing dumb charades.

2. Don’t ask her creepy-ass questions like “How many boyfriends have you had in the past?” or “How many birthmarks do you have?”

4. Here’s something a lot of guys ignore. No matter where you take her, make sure the loo is clean. It matters more than you think it does.

5. Be a gentleman and take the bill on the first date. It might be an Elizabethan concept but it definitely makes a girl feel special.

6. It would be great if you could not spend half the date on your mobile phone pinging your buddies and checking random match scores!

7. No girl will go on a second date with a guy who smells like he just had a wrestling match with a bunch of pigs! So roll around in a rose garden if you have to, but smell good!

8. Try not to put up a dozen FB updates and statuses as the date is progressing. Nothing says “Craaazyyyyy” like first date over-updating.

9. Don’t start discussing the names of your future children with her even before the main course has reached the table.