Here is Aamir Khan’s success story when it comes to shedding all the excessive weight that he gained for his role as a wrestler in Dangal. If his bulked up physique made you wonder, his weight loss journey will leave you even more inspired. 

b’Aamir sporting his Dangal look a few months ago’

Here is the ScoopWhoop exclusive on Aamir Khan’s rigorous regime that he followed during his recent trip to Arizona, USA. Trust these photos to give you Health Goals!

The Weight loss Schedule

Some intense uphill bike rides 

His regime also included swimming and playing tennis, swimming & some weight exercises. There is a reason why he is called a Perfectionist! When Aamir Khan decides to do something, he makes sure he has his heart and soul into it. Aamir who is known to go above and beyond to play his roles in movies had dedicated everyday for nearly 3 months to achieve his weight goals.

Time to get our Fitness Goals in place!