Yes, that’s what I just said. Take a deep breath before you dive into the teaser trailer because you’re going to be holding your breath till the very end of this clip. 

OBVIOUSLY, we’ve been waiting for a long time!

So, here, watch it and be sure to hiss at anyone who disturbs your quality Aladdin time! 

It’s not long enough – the good ones never are – but, it’s enough to keep you on the edge of your seat (threatening to fall flat on your laptop screen)!

This is the one we’ve all been anticipating ever since Walt Disney announced they’re remaking it. Ever since we criticised their choice of casting; except Will Smith of course. 

b’Walt Disney’

It opens with the brilliance of a moonlit desert. And there in the distance you see a small – secretive, might I say? – party, on camel backs, heading somewhere. It’s as ominous as it gets and those of us who grew up watching and reading Aladdin already KNOW where they’re headed! 

And then, there it is in the distance, the looming palace – the one in the books and the animated version. 

b’Walt Disney’

The trailer soon cuts to the cave; the opening of the one filled with all the treasures that the world cannot contain! In my head I’m secretly scream-whispering ‘Open friggin’ Sesame’! 

b’Walt Disney’

But it’s the voice that really gets you to gape at the screen; mouth wide open! Is that Jaffar’s back to the camera? Is that Will Smith as Jaffar? Of course it is! He sounds wicked! 

b’Walt Disney’

And just like that, you’re a little child again, lost in the magic of the Arabian Nights, going on a treasure hunt and adventure with Aladdin! 

It’s like you opened your Arabian Nights’ book, skimmed the pages in magical awe and as soon as it shut, you can’t wait to reopen and get into the whole damn thing! 

24th May 2019, will you just come already?!