From beloved shows like Takeshi’s Castle to Wipeout, early 2000s’ for us desi kids has been all about watching them firangs do some hard obstacles and laughing at them once they fail. 

Now, Netflix did us a huge favour by bringing something like that for all of us with Floor is Lava.

This ‘hottest’ game show is all about using our favourite childhood game and turning into a fierce competition. The rules are simple. There are three teams and whichever team reaches the finish line first without falling in the ‘made up lava’ wins.   


This 10-episode season is hosted by Rutledge Wood of Top Gear fame. It is all about different kinds of physical challenges that will weirdly make you binge watch it while you go WTF all at the same time. 

It is so binge worthy that it literally was the most-watched show on Netflix after it was released. 

Twitter couldn’t help but agree that this show indeed is something else. 

Petition to make Javed Jaffrey the host of this show.