In a country that’s obsessed with cricket, there exists a sizeable number of die-hard football fanatics. You’d think they’d be few and far in between, but you’re wrong. They are everywhere.

On the day that the EPL season kicks-off, here are a few signs that mark you out as a football fan in India.

1. Monday, Champions League, Champions League, Thursday, Friday, EPL, EPL.

These are the days of the week for you.

2. Your Facebook name is Vaibhav “Gooner” Sharma or Saurabh “Gerrard” Das!

3. Summer is the worst season of the year for you!

4. You have that one buddy who supports the same club as you.

So it’s safe to hang out with him when your club is underperforming!

5. You see more 3 AM’s than somebody studying for the Civil Services.

6. Your date on Saturday night is your television!

7. You don’t really care if someone curses your family members, but if they say something about Rooney or Ronaldo…GOD SAVE THEM!

8. You think movie intermissions are merely half-time!

9. You’ve lost Facebook friends because of football arguments!

10. You dread going to school/college/work on Monday after your favourite team got thrashed over the weekend!

11. You wish you had waited till the end of the match/season before you posted something funny on Twitter or Facebook!

12. You have every jersey that your club has ever worn since you started following them!

13. You remember cup final dates better than your girlfriend’s birthday. You get hell for it, but it’s all worth it in the end!

14. You have that one annoying friend whose team always does better than yours.

You really want to punch him in the face and watch his team suffer. But secretly, you really want to be in his shoes.

15. Your attendance at dates, dinners, weddings and other functions are subject to scheduling of matches.

16. You start the Fantasy Premier League with great interest every season and stop only when your team starts falling behind!

17. You’re stuck to your club for life but every 4 years you’re allowed to pick a country of your choice and support them with full ado for the World Cup!