Raise your hands if you have watched Final Destination and prayed to God for you life every time after watching it. 


If you were a kid who was into slasher films, you’d obviously know what Final Destination was. 

But if you were anything like me, someone who had no idea about slasher films and confused Final Destination for a rom-com while flipping through T.V channels, I’d say you’re screwed. 


It was possibly the first slasher film I ever saw as a 13-year-old and I’m not kidding, I had my fingers covering my eyes, at all times. I couldn’t sleep for days and I was probably scarred for life


But well, I have no shame in admitting that the jump-scary franchise was an addiction. You’d watch it no matter how scared you were.  

I mean it did traumatise me and I couldn’t even think about hopping onto a for a roller coaster.  

And for the longest time ever, I was shit scared to take flights. 


I would start screaming if we were in the car and a truck full of rods was ahead of us.


As a kid who grew up with specs the first thing I wanted to do when I stepped into adulthood was to get laser surgery. I’m 21 now and I still haven’t gotten that surgery, would you like to guess why? 


I’m pretty sure my parents thought that I was possessed for most of my teenage years. 

And the worst part was, just when I was starting to recover from the withdrawal symptoms of the Final Destination fever, when I started thinking that I was safe from the fictional death scares……. there would be another addition to the series. 


And I obviously couldn’t miss it because I was hooked to the trill of ” Death doesn’t like to be cheated’ and I was way too deep into the FD slasher cult to actually skip it. 

Thinking about Final Destination still leaves me with goosebumps, hope y’all are stronger than me and can still have a goodnight’s sleep.