On 29th April, the world lost one of its most loved actors, Irrfan Khan. The actor left behind a legacy of love and so the family has chosen to focus on his happy memories. 

Irrfan’s son, Babil shared a sweet video on Instagram of Irrfan enjoying a plate of pani puri after finishing a shoot. 

The loss of the actor has hit his fans personally. The comments on the video of fans expressing their grief will leave you teary-eyed. 

In a statement shared by the family, Irrfan Khan’s wife, Sutapa Sikdar spoke about how personal the loss feels to everyone. 

How can I write this as a family statement when the whole world is taking it as a personal loss? How can I begin to feel alone when millions are grieving with us at the moment? I want to assure everyone that this is not a loss, it is a gain. It’s a gain of the things he taught us, and now we shall finally begin to truly implement it and evolve.

Irrfan was and will always remain one of the finest actors of our generation, and a true inspiration. He’ll forever live in our memories.