Us Indians usually like paying for our stuff up front. Occasionally, we like to pay under the table as well. But there are some things we always, almost never pay for. Because they’re free, right? Right?

1. The First Few Bites Of Chana

Chana: Rs. 10

Jhaal Mudi: Rs. 15

The few “sample” bites you manage while the guy packs it: Priceless.

2. The Last Pani Puri

We like our chaat spicy. But after gobbling down 6-8 pani-puris we realize it’s too spicy and ask for a free masala puri. It’s like the perfect full stop. And even better, it’s free!

3. Dhaniya & Mirchi

Every housewife worth her salt will tell you that paying for dhaniya and mirchi after purchasing more than 2 KGs of vegetables is a crime.


4. Tissues & Toilet Paper At Public Utilities

This is because there are many applications for said tissues. Leaky roof, runny nose, saas-bahu serials, Sunny Leone… the list goes on and on.

5. Condiment Satches

Now these things are actually free. But that still doesn’t stop us from religiously nicking or save up on oregano packets, chilli flakes, mustard and ketchup. Khana Khazana and all that you know.

6. Advice

Whether you want it or not, you will get tonnes of unsolicited advice. However, it is completely up to you to take that advice. It is free after all.

7. Air Re-Filling At Petrol Pumps

This is quite the paradox. On one hand, we keep cribbing about rising petrol and diesel prices. On the other, we generously tip the guy at the air re-filling point for something that is literally, free.

8. Relatives as couriers

“Chintu ki didi ke husband ke bhai wahan jaa rahey hain. Please ek 40inch ka TV bhi lete jaiyega.”

9. Carry Bags At Department Stores

“Excuse me, can I have a bag for my Toothbrush?”

10. Free Lunches

This one is reserved especially for our honourable politicians. “A full meal for Rs. 12.” Yeah, sure…

And now there is a site that brings you freebies exclusively. It’s called     . iPad ho ya iPhone, if it’s available for free, this is where it’ll be.