With all this talk of the Friends reunion, we’re all feeling the nostalgia of the iconic show. Therefore, it only seems fair that we go back in time (metaphorically) and do a little marathon of the best episodes from the show! So here are is a list of episodes we’ve curated for y’all to rewatch.

1. Pilot – Season 1, Episode 1 

Why wouldn’t this episode be in here? I mean this is where it all started. This is where the love began folks!

2. The One with All the Poker- Season 1, Episode 18

The one where Ross basically get’s a better understanding of his feelings for Rachel. Or at the very least, expresses a glimmer of love for her (but yes, do also watch it for the hilarious poker battles between the boys and girls). 

3. The One Where Rachel Finds Out- Season 1, Episode 24

As is apparent from the name, this episode is where Rachel finds out Ross’ feelings for her. All because of the super sweet present he gets for her on her birthday. 


4. The One Where Ross Finds Out- Season 2, Episode 7

And ultimately (but also a little too late), Ross finds out that Rachel also had feelings for him, and continues to, in fact. 

5. The One Where No One’s Ready- Season 3, Episode 2

For real though, the best part of the episode is when Joey enters Monica’s apartment wearing multiple layers of Chandler’s clothes.  

6. The One with the Football- Season 3, Episode 9

And who can forget when Monica’s and Ross’ childhood rivalry over a Thanksgiving tradition proded the whole group into playing football?  


7. The One With The Jellyfish- Season 4, Episode 1

Just how hilarious was the embarrassment Monica, Chandler and Joey had over the jellyfish incident? The extent to which they wanted to keep it all a secret was quite an entertaining thing to watch. 

8. The One with Chandler in a Box- Season 4, Episode 8

What better way to get over the grudge of your friend kissing your date than to get him to lay inside a wooden crate until forgiveness is granted? Right? 

9. The One With Ross’ Wedding, Part 2 – Season 4 finale

The first time that Monica and Chandler get together. How can this episode now be in here? 


10. The One After Ross Says Rachel- Season 5, Episode 1

What a dramatic moment! When Ross says Rachel’s name while saying his wedding vows- that was a defining moment in Ross and Rachel’s relationship. 

11. The One Where Everybody Finds Out- Season 5, Episode 14

One thing comes to mind when thinking back to this episode. And that is Phoebe screaming ‘My eyes! My eyes!,’ when she catches Monica and Chandler getting handsy with each other. 

12. The One In Vegas- Season 5, Episodes 23 and 24

More than a couple of funny things took place in this episode. But I think it’s safe to say that Joey finding his hand twin is the probably the best of the lot!

13. The One Where Ross Got High- Season 6, Episode 9

Of course, it’s always fun to watch Ross and Monica be at it with their bickering. But this one was just one explosion after another while they exposed each other’s secrets in front of their parents. 

14. The One With Unagi- Season 6, Episode 17

Ross’ desperate attempt at making Rachel and Phoebe understand what Unagi is all about is one of the most epic moments from the show. So, cannot miss this one!

15. The One with the Proposal – Season 6, Episode 24 and 25

There is no debate about whether to rewatch this episode or not, because let’s face it, we all cried when the proposal went down. 


16. The One With All The Cheesecakes- Season 7, Episode 11

Just how adorbs is it watching Chandler and Rachel fall in love with the cheesecake? I mean, my craving for cheesecake kicked in when I watched this one again. 

17. The One With The Truth About London- season 7, Episode 16

This is the episode wherein Chandler finds out that Monica wanted to have sex with Joey the night they first hooked up – why in the world would you want to miss this? 

18. The One With Ross’ Tan – Season 10, Episode 3

Ross probably has the worst luck of the lot, and that really shows when he ends up with a bad tanning job! And, an even worse one when he goes to the tanning salon the second time to try and fix it. 

19. The Last One- Season 10, Episodes 17 and 18

Well, how can this marathon be complete without the last episode? Bidding farewell is a must.

When are you jumping on this re-watch list?