Being one of the most iconic shows in television history, the series had six perfect characters who taught us everything we know about friendship in the beautiful span of 10 years. 


Apart from the classic yellow peephole frame, the magna doodle, which had cryptic messages scrawled all over, is another quintessential prop from the show. Hung on the back of Joey and Chandler’s front door, it was the brainchild of the crew member Paul Swain.


A show fanatic named Regina Phalange (love the reference) redrew all the secretive doodles. Without further ado, we bring you the best doodles from the iconic board. Scroll through and enjoy!

1. Season 6, Episode 19: The One With Joey’s Fridge 

Look at the two snowboarders rolling on a halfpipe behind Joey, who is fiddling with his refrigerator wires.

2. Season 4, Episode 17: The One With The Free Porn 

Looks like someone was too happy with their free porn subscription. Right, Chanoey?

3. Season 4, Episode 16: The One With The Fake Party 

Remember when Ross was in the middle of writing this, but he couldn’t complete the sentence because Rachel opened the door?

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4. Season 4, Episode 22: The One With The Worst Best Man Ever 

During Ross’ bachelors party, ‘another one bites the dust‘ appears on the board when Joey is showing Ross his party favours.

 5. Season 4, Episode 19: The One With All The Haste 

When the boys lost the apartment (you snooze you lose), and the board is back in their origional house but in a slightly different position. 

6. Season 5, Episode 7: The One Where Ross Moves In 

After moving into Joey and Chandler’s apartment, Ross built a fort with all the boxes and wrote ‘no girls allowed‘ on the board. 

7. Season 5, Episode 15: The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey 

As now everybody knows, they try to freak Chandler out by writing ‘C.B. + M.G. 4ever‘ inside a heart , 

8. Season 6, Episode 7: The One Where Phoebe Runs 

Somebody wrote “OOPS!” and draw a truck stuck on a hill and two people trying to move it.

9. Season 6, Episode 18: The One Where Ross Dates A Student 

In another episode, a flying illuminati pyramid with wings and snakes appears on the board.

10. Season 6, Episode 11: The One With The Apothecary Table 

The board, in this episode, shows a monster breathing fire and another monster climbing the Empire State Building. 

11. Season 5, Episode 11: The One With All The Resolutions 

The board highlighted ‘went to‘ and a drawing of a coffee cup. Now, we all know what that means.

12. Season 5, Episode 8: The One With The Thanksgiving Flashbacks

As 327 days of the year are over on Thanksgiving, the number is doodled inside a heart with the word ‘Bye‘ written underneath.

13. Season 4, Episode 7: The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line 

Here comes a message from an angry Treager, the building superintendent.

14. Season 6, Episode 20: The One With The Mac And Cheese 

In this episode, Chandler was writing a message for Joey but he was interrupted by Monica and the only thing he leaves is “Joey” and a big weird scribble. 

15. Season 4, Episode 2: The One With The Cat 

Remember when Joey and Chandler hilariously got robbed? Well, at least the thief left them a polite thank you note.

16. Season 4, Episode 8: The One With Chandler In A Box

Here, Chandler tried apologizing for ‘stealing’ Joey’s girl.

17. Season 4, Episode 18: The One With Rachel’s New Dress 

No work sign. We feel you.

 18. Season 4, Episode 20: The One With The Wedding Dresses

Do we need to explain this one?

 19. Season 5, Episode 6: The One With The Yeti 

We are sure this is written by Joey because of Chandler and Monica’s affair as he HATES keeping secrets.

20. Season 6, Episode 20: The One With The Mac And Cheese 

In this episode, a robot head is doodled on the board. We guess that it’s C.H.E.E.S.E.

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How many of these you actually saw? Let us know.

Note: All the screengrabs are taken from Netflix, unless mentioned otherwise.