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Wreck-It Ralph is the best video game movie ever made! It gave us two beloved characters, Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz, apart from the stunning visuals and of course, the hilarious quotes! Wreck-It Ralph was a fun, joyful romp through video-game history sure to delight old-school and new-school gamers alike. Thanks to the digital heavens, because its sequel, Ralph Breaks The Internet is all set to hit the theaters this weekend in India.

Well, I don’t know precisely how Ralph breaks the Internet; by going viral or by causing the World Wide Web to disappear, but here are 5 things you cannot afford to miss out on in the upcoming sequel.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Ralph Breaks the Internet! Continue reading at your own risk…

1. Ralph and Vanellope are back with their high-adrenaline adventures!

6 years ago, Disney introduced us to a favourite new pair of pals in Ralph and Vanellope. Watching their weird antics reminds us a lot of how we are with our besties. The sequel revisits the witty and enjoyable friendship between Ralph and Vanellope, who have completely different points of view, yet have fun together!

2. Vanellope has girl time with other Disney Princesses.

If there’s one scene that I’m eagerly looking forward to in Ralph Breaks The Internet, is the Disney Princess Reunion scene; which I’m sure will hit the sweet spot of nostalgia in you. There’s Anna and Elsa, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Merida, Moana, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Snow White, and Tiana. Now, what happens when Vanellope stumbles into a lounge filled with Disney royalty? Well, no spoilers here but one thing is for sure; the scene is going to do a little Internet-breaking of its own! 

3. These major A-list cameos are enough to drive me to the theater.

The perfect movie cameos don’t exi… Think again! The movie has some fun Easter eggs to find; right from the late Stan Lee to Ironman and Princess Leia, the movie has a record number of interesting cameos to watch out for! There’s a sequence where Vanellope bumps into a digital avatar of Stan Lee; the first, and only, animated movie cameo of Stan Lee’s career. Quiet a cinema history, right?

4. It has songs by Imagine Dragon and Gal Gadot! Take all my coins!!

When it comes to producing a soundtrack that not only sticks to your soul but so perfectly completes the narrative of the film itself, Disney’s name is synonymous to magic! From The Lion King, The Little Mermaid to the very recent Frozen, no other animated studio has ever come close to matching the brilliance of a Disney song. With Ralph Breaks The Internet, that boasts a stellar soundtrack, they’re just setting the bar a notch higher. 

Am I listening to Imagine Dragone’s Zero right now? Yes!

5. The movie totally nails the Internet culture!

In the sequel, Ralph and Vanellope are tackling the expansive and thrilling world of the Internet, leaving Litwak’s video game arcade behind. You’ll see a lot of funny Internet references such as funny cat videos, pop-up ads, spammers, mean comments on Youtube… Err… Buzzztube, and a lot more! Oh wait, there are cameos from Amazon, Instagram and Snapchat too!

So no points for guessing which movie you’re catching this weekend. Book your tickets here and watch the trailer below: