Actor, singer turned politican, Manoj Tiwari, who is also a possible contender for Chief Ministership in Delhi, sat down with ScoopWhoop Unscripted, for an interview. As Delhi votes on the 8th of February, Tiwari goes on to address key issues plaguing his party, in the capital and the nation. 

Here are a few excerpts from the interview: 

1. When he called Rahul Gandhi ‘slow’ & ‘immature’. 

2. When he talked about BJP suspending Unnao rape accused Kuldeep Sengar, while admitting that Sengar used force to threaten the accuser’s family. 

3. When questioned about MJ Akbar’s continued presence in Rajya Sabha, despite sexual assault allegations against him, Manoj Tiwari responded that it was not under party’s control. 

4. In fact, while talking about MJ Akbar, he made a ‘rape apology’ and actually started victim-blaming, by calling out the misuse of law in India. 

5. When asked about censorship of platforms like Netflix, he decided to sing a song. 

6. When he talked about the language people use on social media and how he no longer reads the comments on his posts, but only focuses on ‘likes’.  

7. When he called the Shaheen Bagh protests an act of ‘stupidity’. 

8. When he talked about how the persecution of the Dalit community in India is different than the religious persecution of Muslim minorities in Muslim-dominated countries. 

9. When he talked about his infamous fight with Dolly Bindra on the reality show Bigg Boss.

10. When he commented on how Islam and the Muslim community is suffering from an ‘identity crisis’.

11. When asked about his fellow party worker Anurag Thakur’s ‘Goli maaro’ call to supporters, the BJP Delhi Chief decided to… laugh. 

12. When he blamed students for inciting violence in Jamia.

13. When he couldn’t understand why people were protesting, since NRC hadn’t even been implemented in the country.

You can watch the complete interview here: 

All images are screenshots from the interview, unless specified otherwise. 

Design credits: Muskan Baldodia