For those of you who’ve binged Money Heist on Netflix would know about Shakir – the Pakistani hacker who guided the Professor and his team during their mission inside the Bank of Spain.

This Pakistani hacker is played by a Barcelona-based Indian actor, Ajay Jethi. 


According to a report from Manorama, Jethi, who hails from Patiala, Punjab has been in the entertainment business for quite a while. The 38-year-old actor is a film distributor of Hindi and Punjabi films in Spain and Portugal.    

I have been acting in Spanish movies, plays, series, advertisements and short films for over a decade and I have never seen such a global response to any of my works like Money Heist. It’s so overwhelming. 

But before Money Heist happened to him, Ajay had to face some struggles. Even though he wanted to become an actor, his father wasn’t supportive of it and sent him to Spain in 2005. 

He then started off as a construction labourer on a work visa and took Spanish and acting lessons. He did quite a few small roles in films, ads and web series. 

But the show was pure coincidence for him. He shot his scenes in Madrid without meeting with the rest of the cast, until the release he thought that his role won’t make the final cut. 

I had worked with Money Heist director Álex Pina earlier and when he informed me about the role. I had no idea about the series. I sat down to watch it and in three days, I finished the two seasons.

Even though the actor claims that he doesn’t have Netflix or TV, we sure hope to see him in the next season.