This is a yearly routine now, so from next year, I am just gonna bookmark dumb stuff as and when they are said. Anyway, get on with what you are here for. Presenting the stupidest things Indian celebrities have said in 2021: 

1. John Abraham uses gym bro science to help people understand heart attacks. Why John Why? Just deadlift bikes and make crappy action movies. Why would you talk about things you don’t understand. 

2. Piyush Mishra talking about the Aryan Khan case and saying “Apne Bacchon ko sambhalein“. Yes, because that was the problem there. 


3. Just Varun Dhawan asking people to be safe in the midst of a raging pandemic while also promoting his movie. The post has since been deleted. 


4. Just when the internet thought Uday Chopra was cool, he went ahead and tweeted this. For the uninitiated, the left gave you the weekend off, the right wants you to work on Sunday because that’s what CEO mindset is. 

5. Kangana Ranaut wanted people to plant trees during the pandemic to deal with the shortage of oxygen. I don’t think she’s still aware of what she did wrong here. 


6. Actor Prosenjit Chaterjee tagged PM Modi and West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee in a tweet to complain about his order from Swiggy not getting delivered on time. 


7. In an attempt to be more woke Javed Akhtar tried coming up with pronouns of his own. Hey, kudos to him for trying but that’s just not how this works. 


8. Uday Chopra planted a massive red flag again when he called Jordan Peterson one of the greatest thinkers of our time. My grandpa was a ‘great thinker’ too but even he wasn’t as misogynistic as Jordan Peterson. 

9. Just a few weeks ago, Kangana Ranaut said India didn’t achieve independence in 1947 but in 2014. 

This could just have been an article with Uday Chopra and Kangana Ranaut competition for the title but let’s not go there.