MasterChef Australia’s latest season has one contestant who has continued to wow us. Kishwar Chowdhury, has since since day 1, blown the judges – Jock Zonfrillo and Andy Allen, away with her melt-in-your-mouth Bengali food. 

In the latest episode of MasterChef Australia, Kishwar, who is from Bangladesh, cooked a goat rezala for the judges after reaching the second round of the ‘game meats’ challenge. 

Watching Kishwar fret over how the dish needs more time but she wants to make it brilliant, to having her win over the judges, this episode truly took us on a ride. 

The judges obviously couldn’t get over how magical the meal tasted and declared Kishwar safe at the end of the round. 

This isn’t the first time Kishwar has given the judges a taste of home. She has served dishes like macher jhol and puchkas to the judges, all of which were very well received. You can watch the latest episode of MasterChef Australia on Disney+Hotstar

All screenshots are from the show.