Disclaimer: The following post contains major spoilers from Paatal Lok. Reader discretion advised. 

Amazon Prime Video’s latest crime-drama, Paatal Lok, has won over the people on dharti-lok with its well-developed story, fabulous performances, and unflinching look at India’s grim reality.  


However, it is the ending of the show that unravels the mystery behind Sanjeev Mehra’s supposed murder conspiracy, Vishal Tyagi’s suicide, and the political machinations behind it all.


Here’s the detailed explanation for it all:  

Was Sanjeev Mehra really the victim of a murder conspiracy?

News anchor Sanjeev Mehra upped his channel’s dwindling ratings by releasing confidential information he received from CBI – that he was the target of a terrorist attack. 

However, as is later revealed in the show, the charges laid down by CBI were an elaborate cover-up for a political conspiracy. 

The real target was actually Vishal Tyagi, who was supposed to be killed in a police encounter – but, at the time of his capture, is saved because of the unanticipated presence of a media van. 

What was the real reason for the conspiracy, and why was Vishal Tyagi the victim of it?

Like most things in this world, the conspiracy that Hathiram Chaudhary goes great lengths to uncover, is rooted in political gain. 

Vishal Tyagi aka Hathoda Tyagi is gangster Donullia Gujjar’s most loyal and lethal assassin. Donullia Gujjar works from the shadows and provides support to a local politician Bajpayee, which includes employing Tyagi for murders. 

However, Donullia Gujjar passes away and only his brother, Gwala Gujjar, and three of his most loyal followers know this. And when Gwala Gujjar decides to enter politics, unbeknownst to him, one of his supporters informs Bajpayee. 

Bajpayee realizes his caste-politics will fail if Gwala comes to power. Because the entire community he relies on for votes, are Donullia’s loyal supporters, and thus would vote for his brother. 

Thus Bajpayee organizes a plan so that four people including Tyagi, come together for an assassination attempt and Delhi Police kills Tyagi in the ensuing encounter. 

In this way, Bajpayee aims to firstly remove Donullia’s most loyal and lethal supporter. And secondly, he plans to create unrest in Delhi, so that his political party may exploit the issue for greater public support. Sanjeev Mehra just happened to be who Bajpayee selected.

As Hathiram Chaudhary makes it clear, Bajpayee could have chosen any high-profile person whose death would create unrest in Delhi. Because the real victim was Tyagi all along. 

Why does Vishal Tyagi shoot himself in the end?

Presumably a sociopath, Vishal Tyagi has only two interests in life, dogs and his Masterji. When Hathiram Chaudhary hands over a token of Masterji to Tyagi, Tyagi knows that his savior and teacher is no more. 

He thus believes there exists no reason to continue his life because he had made his life’s purpose to work for Masterji. So, he kills himself. 

His death also ties in with what is supposed to be his destiny, which apparently follows the path of a demon from Hindu mythology, Hiranyakashyap. Among other things, according to his kundli, he could be killed by neither a friend nor a foe. 

All said and done, this is one of the rare web-series that actually has a definite end. Though we’re still concerned about the future of Tope Singh and Cheeni. 

Do you think there could be a season 2 around this? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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