Regional movies are taking a front seat all thanks to their enthralling storylines, the detailing, and the freshness that they offer. 

These movies are gaining a wider range of audiences by the day, giving us a new perspective of how we want to see movies made in Bollywood. While there are a few good Bollywood films, steering away from the notion but the industry is known to overcompensate by investing more in making lavish, money-churning movies.

And, it’s high time the industry takes some pointers from regional movie makers. It’s not just me who’s saying it. We found a Reddit thread of people who got honest about all the things the industry needs to learn from regional cinema. 

1. “Bollywood – make their characters and settings in the movies relatable to a majority of people in India, not just the elite 0.01%.” – CID_Nazir 

2. “Bollywood should learn that less is more sometimes and bigger is not necessarily better. You don’t need hundreds of crores for a budget to fund lavish sets, foreign locations, etc. to make a good movie.” – kookysoul 

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3. “Bollywood tries to copy everything because they want to put minimal effort, so don’t bother with them.” – aarounge

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4. “What Hindi movies need to learn: less PR. Everything there seems to be run by PR, nothing is genuine anymore. PR exists in our industry but they don’t run the show. ” – FtothepowerofF

5. “Most Telugu movies don’t even have a bound script when they go for a shoot. They “wing” most things. We also need to learn to block the release date well in advance. That’s something Hindi movies have done really well.” – FtothepowerofF 

6. “Bollywood: how to keep movies simple.” – sumit24021990 

7. “Bollywood completely overshadows and ignores regional cinema.” – ScuttleButt01


8. “Bollywood should lower the actor’s fees and actors need to work more often and diversify the content.” – itsjat32  

9. “What about a break out singing dancing scene that seems to be set in Switzerland? The poor actress is in some sleeveless gown dancing in the snow.” – contemplator61 

10. “What Bollywood should learn – attention to details in a story. Some of the best regional movies focus a lot on minor details in the plot and characters. Also, the realistic details when it comes to script, characters, costumes, dialogues, sets, etc. The heroines don’t always look like they step out of a salon.” – ScuttleButt01

So, Bollywood, where are you starting from?