Sima Taparia aka Sima aunty has become the talk of the town after Netflix’s new show Indian Matchmaking which follows her adventures with Indian singles. She loves her job and will stop at nothing to make sure you get married. 

Her sole mission is to help people find the perfect person they can spend the rest of their lives with and her determination is commendable. Doesn’t matter if you’re an NRI kid or an heir to papa ka business, she will find your soul mate. 


Married at the age of 19, Sima runs a matchmaking service called Suitable Rishta and they do everything from finding people to matching horoscopes, bio datas and hobbies. What began as a service solely for Marwadi households has now grown across countries – from USA to Hong Kong, UK, Thailand and Australia. The company finds matches for Indians across the globe, and helps desi families find their kids someone they can tie the knot with.  


Sima’s job includes assessing the lifestyle the families live, their documentation, education and jobs before she makes them meet a match. Keeping in mind the average price of matchmaking services in India, her services cost somewhere between Rs 1.5 Lakh to Rs 4 Lakhs – a commission that is received from both sides of the rishta


Indian Matchmaking isn’t Sima’s first appearance in front of the camera. Back in 2017, Sima was a part of the documentary A Suitable Girl, where she tried finding her daughter a husband. The documentary focused on the clash of modernity and tradition in India, where stereotypes against working women, especially in the case of marriage, stand tall. 

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You can contact Sima Taparia on her website if you’re looking for a ‘suitable rishta’ and she’ll be sure to get you an ‘ideal’ match.