TV shows can be like arranged marriages sometimes – you think you’re going to hate it, it’s something new and unfamiliar, but finally you end up loving it. The keyword is ‘sometimes’. But that’s the truth, certain shows over the years have looked boring, unfunny, and absolutely trashy at first glance, but then you can’t stop watching it. These are those shows.

1. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

So what if people judge you for watching this? Own it, guys. The shenanigans of the Kardashian family are annoyingly fun to watch, and extremely addictive. Especially since the first few seasons are out on Netflix, and you can tell that half the shit they did in the early days was blatantly scripted. 


2. Too Hot To Handle

Yet another reality show that grabbed us by the (eye)balls and refused to let go. This one was about balancing abstinence and money, as a bunch of super hot shirtless people chill in a mansion and pheromones fly hard. Do you feel a tinge of shame watching it? Yes. Can you stop? No.


3. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

On paper, the show doesn’t exactly sound like something groundbreaking – a bunch of friends hang out at their bar and get into various hijinks. But damn does the series take off. It’s one of the funniest and most critically acclaimed shows of all time for a reason. If you haven’t seen it, please do. And if you don’t like it don’t talk to me.

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4. Riverdale

While it wasn’t a personal favourite, this dark take on Archie and the gang really built up the intrigue and storytelling in a compelling way, so I understand the appeal. The premise seemed ridiculous at first, but the show managed to stand on its own ground. Take a bow, Riverdale.


5. Bojack Horseman

Talking animals, super bright colours, constant existential dread – this show isn’t exactly very appealing at first glance, but that’s why you gotta keep looking. Once you start watching it, you realise just how deep, well constructed, and downright genius this series is, not to mention totally hilarious (in an extremely sardonic way).

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6. The Office

Forget the hype for a second and assume you know nothing about this show – you’d be pretty dismissive about it considering the workplace isn’t the most exciting of settings. But Michael Scott and company manage to steal your heart and your funny bone, and make this one of the most beloved shows of all time.


7. One Punch Man

This could have been yet another tame anime about superheroes and episode-long buildups to pointless fight scenes. But as the titular Saitama tells you, this overpowered superhero just doesn’t care. He’s so powerful, he finds no joy in the day to day life of fighting crime or doing anything for that matter. And in that way, this show becomes metaphor for our own ennui.


8. Titans

They’re not teens anymore, and it’s wholly apparent by the extremely adult problems all of these DC superheroes suffer from. While it seemed like yet another Arrow or Flash at the start, you realise one episode in that this show is a lot more dark, gritty, and well-constructed than those other shows.

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9. Indian Matchmaking

Sima aunty and her band of not-so-merry marriage enthusiasts got the whole country by storm. Reality shows can be a pain in the ass, but this one, for some reason, was a good kind of pain. Does that make sense? Good ass pain? No? Whatever, you get what I mean.


10. True Blood

If you despise Twilight and the like, it’d be a hard sell getting you to watch this show. Once you start however, you’ll realise it’s nothing like what you’d imagined. The show is basically vampires as they’re supposed to be – sexy because they’re actually having sex, dangerous because the fight scenes are epic, and toothy because well… canines.


Later, haters!