Potential spoilers for Season 3 ahead.

It turns out Stranger Things is not so strange. A few life lessons it gave us are actually quite memorable and relatable. The third installment in the series dabbled with multiple relationship angles as well. Here are some gem advice it offered us-

1. First and foremost, this letter from beyond that Hopper leaves for Eleven-

But I know you’re getting older, growing, changing. I guess, if I’m being really honest, that’s what scares me. I don’t want things to change. So I think maybe that’s why I came in here, to try and make stop that change. To turn back the clock. To make things go back to how they were. But I know that’s naive. It’s just not how life works. It’s moving, always moving, whether you like it or not… So you know what? Keep on growing up kid. Don’t let me stop you. Make mistakes, learn from ’em. When life hurts you, because it will, remember the hurt. The hurt is good. It means you’re out of that cave. But, please, if you don’t mind, for the sake of your poor old dad, keep the door open three inches.

2. This conversation between Nancy and her mom where they talk about how it is being a woman- being a smart, fighter woman- in this world run by men.

3. The reversal of roles of the teacher and the student in this scene-

Steve, who has been like a ‘dad’ to Dustin gives dating advice to him in Season 2. But looks like kids are all grown-up as they offer brilliant relationship lessons to their own guru.

4. Max and El’s bonding dishes out one of the sweetest friendships of the decade. Max teaches her about boys, relationships, and break-ups and offers some dope dating rules.

He treated you like garbage. You’re gonna treat him like garbage. Give him a taste of his own medicine. And if he doesn’t fix this, dump his ass.

5. Max also teaches El to ‘make her own rules’ and be her own person.


6. In this hilarious scene, Murray goes full-Freud on Hopper and Joyce and suggests (more like, yells at them) to get it over with.

Not just the third season, but the first two have also dished out pretty valuable life lessons. Let’s take a look-

7. Jonathan, talking to his brother, Will, debunked and de-pedestalised being ‘normal’ with these simple words, in Season 2.


8. Another batch of eloquent words. Courtesy, Jonathan-


9. And the best scene from perhaps the entire series, where Steve Harrington completely assumes his role of being a ‘dad’ to the kids. In a sweet conversation, he offers Dustin this advice, before he heads to the prom.


10. And this sweet (actually, bitter) and simple line that should basically be the slogan of adulting-

Stranger Things‘ dialogues are truly a delight.