Imagine you are watching a movie in cinema hall and the whole audience burst out laughing. Has this ever happened with you? No, no, not ‘coz of the film but for how the audience reacted to a certain scene in it. In most cases, your baaju-waala gives you more entertainment than the movie that you are watching. Isn’t it?

A still from Dil Chahta Hai

An oh-so-interesting discussion about cinema hall experience caught my attention on Reddit this morning and it is cracking me up since then.

A Reddit user, u/Darsh_dns_ quizzed netizens to enlighten everyone about their hilarious experiences of watching movies in theatres. “What was your funniest theatre-going experience?” Sharing his own anecdotes of watching Race 3 and Judgementall Hai Kya, the user said:

I went to watch DisgRace 3 with my friends in Bangalore. There’s this scene in the movie where Selmon confronts DJ Bobby & Lazy Shah and utters this immortal, under-rated line – ‘har kahaani ke do pehlu hote hai, two Pehlu’s’ and some guy behind me facepalms and goes ‘Aree Bhadwee’ and half the theatre cracked up. The other one was when I was watching Judgmental hai kya? with my friends and after the interval, there was this guy 2-3 rows back who kept going ‘accha’, ‘hmm, ‘theek hai’, ‘bahut sahi’ etc. every time Kangana said a dialogue on screen. It was irritating at first, but funny later on as half the audience was bored anyway (sic).


Other Redditors shared their experiences on his post and I’m sure these anecdotes will surely make you ROFL:

1. Samrat Prithviraj

Went to watch Samrat Prithviraj and when Akshay Kumar first appeared on-screen someone from the back shouted Bolo zuba kesari (sic).


2. RRR

Went for RRR first day first show, the audience felt more like watching a movie with family. Every one cheering, whistling and laughing together. One specific moment i’ll never forget were these two guys behind me who unapologetically commented through out the film. Ram Charan: Lacchu kahan hai Guys behind me: odha lacha paratha ban gaya truly a great time (sic).


3. Players

The theatre burst into laughter when Neil Nitin Mukesh asked “Sona kaha hai” and Chatur replied with “Itni badi jagah hai, jidhar bhi sona hai so jaa” (sic).


4. Annabelle

Went to watch Annabelle creation and a typical ghaziabadi guy before a horror scene was like dekhna ab doul aayegi doul (in full haryanvi accent) and the whole theatre burst out laughing (sic).


5. “Some Emraan Hashmi Raaz movie

6. Chak De! India

I remember while watching Chak De India, after the scene wherein all the girls beat up the goons in McDonald’s they walk up to coach Kabir and ask him to continue to coach them. He responds just by saying “Kal subha 5 baje ground pe”. A girl in the back went “SUBHA 5 BAJE!!!?????” astonishingly and the whole theatre was in splits (sic).


7. Khamoshiyan

8. Jurassic Park

9. Karzzzz

Went to watch karzzz with a friend, told him it would be good and in just fifteen minutes he started cussing me, we were joking about the interrogation scene where himesh confronts urmila that he knows her and about the previous life and suddenly near us a guy shouted Haan ab gaana ga le (the movie had hell lot of songs) (sic).  


10. Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

So ages ago full family went for a movie including my then 4 year old nephew – some Abhishek Bachchan and Preity Zinta movie, don’t remember the name. In of the song sequence Jr. B is removing the dori of PZ’s blouse and my nephew goes in clear loud voice ‘mumma woh uncle aunty ka kapda Kyun kohl rahe hain?’ 10 seconds of silence and the whole theatre bursts out laughing (sic).


11. Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai

12. Begum Jaan

13. Love Aaj Kal (2020)

Went for love Aaj kal 2 in Hyderabad and the entire theatre was giggling during emotional scenes (sic).


14. Game Over

15. Ghajini

I saw gajni and towards the end when Aamir was chasing the villian, he loses his memory. Some guy was like “mai kaun hu? Mai kahan hu? ” The entire theatre just burst out laughing and the scene went from tense to hilarious (sic).


Movie chahein entertain kare na kare, such audience definitely makes our experience full paisa-vasool. Isn’t it? Did you ever encounter such fun in theatres?