While Earth’s mightiest heroes were busy with their feud over the Sokovia Accords, there were two superheroes who were missing in action – Thor and Hulk. While the Hulk was facing some incredible anger issues, the Norse god had to tend to some domestic problems. 

Thor: Ragnarok is the next major movie that Marvel seems to have a lot of confidence in. During the San Diego Comic Con, comicbook fans were treated to some exclusive footage of Thor’s whereabouts during the events of Captain America: Civil War. The hilarious mockumentary has been finally released for everyone.

While Marvel are often accused of being light-hearted and fun by the fans of another comicbook company whose name rhymes with PC, the Disney owned studios have absolutely owned their rivals in the cinematic universe.

Thor: Ragnarok looks all set to be a buddy cop movie with Thor and Hulk travelling through different dimensions while solving crimes. If the humour is as good as this mockumentary, we’re pretty sure that it’ll be a treat.