Finally the wait is over as Furious 7 sees the light of the day and hits theaters today! The latest offing from the Fast and Furious stable takes the franchise to another level with its smack-you-in-your-face kind of action, keeping you at the edge of the seat. However, what also doesn’t miss the eye is the strong emotional bonding, family ethos and dramatic one liners. So, what actually makes this ride home so emotional? The cast of the movie credits it to the force which got them back to the sets from a state of absolute despair, i.e. late actor PAUL WALKER.

Here’s what the cast of Furious 7 has to say about their late favourite co-star Paul Walker, the aftermath of the accident and the pain of filming without their dear friend.

The words which stayed on…

Because beautiful souls remain a part of your world even after they depart.

Gaining strength from the loss, that’s the way forward.

Because thinking of pleasant memories is the best way to handle it…

And also the best way to pay tribute to your loss.

The best way to honor someone is to honor the legacy they leave behind.

There’s a lesson to learn from everyone’s lifetime.

Talk about the lesson and implement it.

and fulfill their unfulfilled dreams.

Don’t submit to the pain. Stand, face and fight it.

Because that’s what they always wanted.

They live with you forever… within your memories.

Rest in peace Paul Walker. It has been an amazing ride.