Gadar was a heartbreaking and yet iconic movie, at the same time, and the sequel to this classic movie is releasing next month!

Credits: IMDb

Gadar was re-released in theatres last evening and it received a good opening.

However, it was post-credits scene that became a topic of discussion as it showcased a small teaser for its upcoming sequel!

The teaser, reportedly, starts with a powerful dialogue:

“Damaad hai yeh Pakistan ka, isko nariyal do, teeka lagao, warna Lahore le jayega.” 

Credits: Instagram

As per reports, this dialogue was apparently in the director’s, Anil Sharma, mind when he was making the original movie in 2001. However, he didn’t use it back then. 

The short snipped showcases Tara Singh (Sunny Deol) sitting beside a kabr

Here’s what netizens think of the teaser:

Let’s see how the sequel turns out to be.