The makers of GoT have warmed us up pretty good with some of the most awaited reunions in Episode 1 and 2 of Season 8. But we know, it’s all a ploy to make us cry even harder when they kill off our favourite characters one by one.

We can’t help but get anxious over what the next episode has in store for us and our faves. Here are a few things you should know about the third episode to stand your ground in this battle of the living and the dead.

The third episode, that will air on 28th of April is the longest episode of GoT.

The running time of the episode will be 1 hour and 22 minutes.

But not just that. It also features the longest consecutive battle scene in the history of cinema.

The battle sequence is promised to rival the battle of Helm’s Deep from The Lord Of The Rings series.

Battle of Helm’s Deep | Youtube

With the entire episode dedicated to solid action, the shooting of the outdoor scenes reportedly took 750 people and 11 weeks to wrap it up.

Producer David Benioff told Entertainment Weekly that part of the challenge was to keep the battle interesting and compelling.

The makers of GoT have been hinting towards this battle from the very beginning of the show. The build-up is immense and obviously overpowering, with expectations blowing the lids off. 

The shooting of the scene was of course not a walk in the park for the 20 cast members featuring in this episode. 

With Maisie saying that at some moments you ‘just want to cry’, and Ser Jorah claiming it to be the most unpleasant experience he has ever had on the show- these actors have worked their ass off for the epic battle.

‘The dead are already here’. Are you ready?

Images are screenshots of the Episode 3 trailer, unless stated otherwise.